Civil Law is that which deals with the governance of private relationships people establish between them. However, every situation is different and each problem our clients present us with needs to be dealt with personally and creatively to safeguard their legal interests. As we constantly interact with one another, there are a multitude of situations in which good legal advice can give you greater peace of mind.

At ATO Lawyers you will find help with the following issues that come under Civil Law:

  • Property Law
    • Right of accession, community of goods, possession, usufruct and easement.
    • Donations and successions: inheritance and wills.
    • Property Registration: inscriptions, records.
    • Usucaption or acquisitive prescription.
  • Obligations and Contracts
    • Purchases, exchanges, leases, loans, mortgages.
    • Invalidity actions, breach, rescission, termination of contracts and compensation for damages.
    • Quantity claims.
    • Extra-contractual civil responsibility.
  • Personal Law
    • Separations and divorces.
    • Incapacitation, guardianship and curatorship.
    • Settlement of common property and community assets.