Property Law mainly covers the management and regulation of all kind of operations and transactions relating to property. Our solicitors are trained to carry out exhaustive investigations into the registration, urban status and finances, preparing and advising on all types of contracts related to the purchase and sale of property for commercial use, construction of dwellings, planning permissions, estate agents or the creation of horizontal property statutes, amongst other things.

At ATO LAWYERS, we are highly experienced in urban planning and property development. We have managed many urbanisation products on developed and developable land through the processing of planning applications and special interior reform plans (PERI), as well as on rural land through planning proposals, having assisted the developers in accessing finance and negotiated the approval and signing of loans for the developer with the financial organisations.

From the perspective of consumers of housing in construction, our lawyers have in the past achieved various sentences that order certain financial organisations to return the money paid for the purchase of housing that was never handed over. The Supreme Court has changed its practices and judges are sentencing banks to return the unsubstantiated payments.


After the ruling of the Supreme Court, from the first plenary meeting on 23/12/2015, it is possible to sue a bank for the nullity of the clause which lead to the expenses the client had to pay when formalising the mortgage: appraisal of the property, notary fees, property registration feeds, taxes (IAJD) and fees of the processing agency. Despite there being a discrepancy between different provincial courts with the respect to the refunding or non-refunding of these expenses, once the nullity of the clause has been declared, we claim the whole amount of all the costs.

Many clients have already trusted our solicitors to defend their interests and request the nullity of the clause mentioned above and the return of wrongly paid expenses.


If you paid, through the bank account of a developer, money for the acquisition of a dwelling that was not VPO, before January 2016, without being given any guarantee for the amount and, in the end, said property was not delivered to you, our solicitors can help you to claim and recuperate your money.


When a legal procedure is begun by a financial entity against a client due to the non-payment of a mortgage loan, it is usually done through the presentation of a notice of a foreclosure procedure, which the holder of the loan should object to within ten working days and on grounds approved by the law which need to be known, like the existence of abusive clause that make up the basis of the foreclosure or determine the amount demanded. Our solicitors are experts in this issue and have already managed to freeze and archive large numbers of mortgage foreclosure procedures.

If you have been the subject of a mortgage foreclosure procedure or think that you could be in the near future, ask for the help of our expert solicitors that help reduce the quantity demanded, avoid costs and even discontinue or archive the procedure, for reasons of form or substance.