ATO Lawyers SLP is a law firm that was created with the intention of offering quality legal advice to companies and private individuals, with a focus on customer service, backed by the experience and expertise of the professionals that make up the team.

We comply with a set of clear principles and criteria of effectiveness, clarity, trust and confidentiality, which allows us to offer a personalised service that is affordable and adapted to each case and each set of circumstances.

Our motivation is to try and ensure that each of our clients are completely satisfied with the services we offer and the work we undertake for them.

Our main focus is banking law and property law. The Director of Legal Services, Antonio Olaya Ponzone, has more than 16 years of experience as the branch manager of an important savings bank and several more years as the manager of a property development group.

The team working in the office is made up of lawyers, solicitors, administrative personnel, economists and experts who, together, form a professional unit capable of personally and consistently assisting people and companies who need to defend their rights or manage their assets.

MAR Real Estate Huelva

Since July 2014 we have been providing legal cover and advice in banking matters to the MAR Real Estate network of qualified property consultants in Huelva.

Since October 2017, we have been providing Kaefer, the biggest provider of integral insulation solutions in Spain, with mediation services, extrajudicial negotiation services, assistance in judicial procedures and legal advice.

CE Consulting Huelva Centro

Since February 2016 we have been advising and managing legal matters for the Huelva centre of CE Corporate Consulting, the largest network of consultants in Spain, and we are an associate firm of the National Network of CE Lawyers.


ce abogados

Since January 2018 we have been offering legal advice services to the clients of the Technological Platform for Health and Legal Services Serviall, a corporate group with 15 years of experience as a provider to insurers and financial entities within health and legal services.


We have been leading the Gestbanking project since January 2017 as the technical director office, offering legal cover to the clients, companies and private individuals within this national network that manages and processes banking claims.

Have you met our team?

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are highly specialised in finance, property and consumer law. They are leaders in the field of effective and efficient protection of the interests of users of banking services and consumer rights in general.