Commercial Law is a private branch of law that sets regulations that apply to merchants, to commercial acts that legally qualify as such, and to legal relationships that result from these acts.

It is the branch of law that regulates trade and commerce.

At ATO Lawyers we specialise in the solution of legal and financial problems for companies.

Some of the areas of commercial law that we deal with in the office are:

  • Companies
    • Creation, expansion and reduction of capital. Absorption, dissolution, liquidation and modification of statutes.
    • Negotiation of deals between partners, legal or contractual issues related to the composition and selection of their administrative and management bodies.
    • Legal and financial restructuring of companies.
  • Commercial contracts
    • Practical solutions, universal and tailored, for all legal needs, for day to day tasks or strategies, for companies dealing with commercial contracts.
    • Creation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, independently of the sector or its legal nature.
    • Factoring, leasing, renting, confirmation, credit cards, mortgage and consumer financing, financing of shares, raw materials and foreign trade.
  • Commercial Register
    • Annotations, inscriptions and modifications.